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  • The Daily Record

“…part memoir, part impressions, part tap, part mime - is a delight from start to finish.” (John Dingwall 8/12/16)


  • Fest Magazine

“This is a highly theatrical show evidencing decades of stagecraft. Jassem sings, tap dances and acts; you get your money’s worth. And it’s a cathartic experience…” 

(Brett Mills 8/22/16) 

  • The List

"You don’t often get a chance to see a woman in her 70’s throwing herself into a synchronised tap routine with her male alter ego. So, grasp it while you can…Jassem succeeds in painting her recollections vividly through evocative mime, characters, songs and dance.” 

(Craig Naples 8/19/16)

  • The Scotsman                                                                                  “Given the amount of animation and energy Lynne Jassem shows on stage in From Como to Homo, it’s hard to imagine how much she must have had six decades ago…In this dynamic memoir Jassem looks back on a colorful childhood…Jassem delivers it well, along with some cracking tap routines, mime work and a real sende of anxiety around the issues of identity she grapples with. There’s a sweet finale as well.”    (Ben Walters 8/26/16)

  • Three Weeks

           “…Jassem tells her story about the pressures of being            a child performer, along with the struggles of gender              confusion and homosexuality. She is old-school show              biz to the core and serves up theatrical storytelling,                  mime, songs and some impressively nimble tap                           dancing… It’s a charmingly open and honest account             of negotiating fame and identity…”   

           (Daisy Malt 8/21/16)



  • WINNER                                       Best of Fringe: 

                  San Francisco 2015

  • NOMINATED                          Best Of Fringe: 

                   Noho Fringe 2016

Best Story : San Diego Fringe 2017

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